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Dear Aristoi families!

I'm Daria Ratliff and an Aristoi parent. My husband Joel and I have had two children in Aristoi since 2014, and we couldn't be happier to have found such an amazing place for them. This page is just a tiny bit of our appreciation for the school. It is my hope that parents, staff and scholars can find some images of the events I was able to attend and photograph during these past years and download them to be cherished in years to come.

As much as I would like to be it is difficult to me to be at every school event, but if there is any school event that you wish me to volunteer, I will gladly do my best to record these special moments. The drone pictures are taken by my husband Joel and we're very thrilled that Aristoi will have a new place soon! 

I also would like to apologize in advance  if you don't see yourself in any of the images.  As a photographer you want to record all the highlights and moments of each event, but you also want to be as "invisible" as possible, out of consideration of the audience. So apologies for missing you. But if you see me with the camera, come say hello and come have your picture taken! 

On a side note, these images are not searchable online unless you share them publicly on social media and other places. To share the galleries with family and friends, please use the link ( ). In other words, this page cannot be found by searching this website nor online - only the link will bring you here. You'll also see some galleries password protected as some are not public.

In each gallery you will find instructions on how to download your images for you to keep!

Want to say hello? Drop me a line! I'd be happy to hear from you!  - | 713-819-7127

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