About Your Session - Daria Ratliff Photography

About Your Session- Daria Ratliff Photography is a West Houston Family Portrait photographer located in Katy, Texas.

About Your Photo Session

Before we start I want to take a time and say Thank You for trusting Daria Ratliff Photography to document part of you life! I take great pleasure in working with you and I truly hope to exceed all of your expectations. Starting from here I wish to build a good relation of trust and an open line of communication with you!

My work consists in two categories and they are portraiture or documentary photography but also I do, as a hobby, some fine art photography. Fine Art Photography is a body of work aimed to a different purpose which are galleries, museums or any other type of exhibition that I might think appropriated to send and represent my artistic view of life. But here we’ll be talking about portraiture only and I hope to be as clear as possible about what might be ahead of us.

Each photo session consists in two parts, the first one being the day of the session itself and the second one the post production part. One absolute thing that I like my clients to keep in mind is that my approach is always the more “natural” look that I possibly can and by that I mean that I’ll be doing my very best to deliver a good, clean and honest image of you and your loved one. Do I use photoshop? I absolutely do! But photoshop is not made only to transform or alter a subject into something else. Photoshop is a powerful tool and it can be used in everybody’s favor if used in moderation, so that’s my approach.

What should I wear for my photo session?

I've put together an article on my blog that talks about wardrobe and what to bring for your photo session . This article is aimed to help you and guide you, not to dictate what to wear as clothes should be how a person feel about themselves and their personal style. On the same note, I've also put together three boards on Pinterest as a visual guide and ideas for either your Family Portrait Ideas  also a Fashion Pin Board for women. For more of a curvy woman type I do have this Pin Board  that might guide you too! 

About your investment and the reservation fee

To secure your reservation time Daria Ratliff requires a 25% non refundable deposit made into Daria Ratliff bank account. The remainder is due at the time of your session. If any changes in weather or circumstances like a child being sick, etc. we can reschedule your reservation to a convenient time for both client and photographer if reschedule is made within 48 hours. Remember that we’ll be working as a team so is very important to communicate any inconvenience that may arise during this time. We can always wok something out!

Can I chose my images?

No, you cannot and the explanation is very simple. In a given normal session I might have up to 600 images, making extremely impractical to make this huge amount of images available to you. The other reason is because when you hire Daria Ratliff photography services, you’re hiring the talent and the artistic abilities of a photographer to make your images. So please I ask you  to trust the process and allow Daria Ratliff to deliver a professional and artistic service to you and your family.

About the day of your session

*Please limit to bring only the people being photographed to the place of your session. Daria Ratliff needs full attention of the people being photographed so is very important that we have a smooth session. Is totally fine to bring a friend, maybe your spouse, someone who you feel confident with, I'm all for it, not an issue.

*Please be on time as your session time will go normally faster than we might think. If you're running late, please let know by text or phone call to 713-819-7127.

*Wardrobe and accessories are not provided by the photographer;

*Remainder of payment due at the end of your session.

About social media and copyrights

It is entirely suitable to share your images on social media but it is not allowed, no exceptions, the use of the images on social media that have been altered or transformed using telephone applications or other computer photo manipulation method done by any of the people photographed.

Please understand that you'll paying for a service that has been completed and the time and talent of the photographer cannot be compromised when altered. I understand that some filters are great and some even look very pleasing but the images made by Daria Ratliff carrie the reputation of the photographer so by altering the images will jeopardize the work and the artistic view of Daria Ratliff Portraits.

I appreciate you for reading this far and I truly hope to work with you and your family and together produce beautiful and high quality images that you'll cherish for a lifetime!


Daria Ratliff.

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