Christine Bridal by Daria Ratliff Wedding Photography of Katy, TX

We all have special days. Photographers always look for the best weather, the best light, we search for incredible locations. We jump fences, go into places that no one ever thought possible. All for a good shot. And we can always ask for beautiful brides, however asking for a beautiful bride that can naturally pose is simply a dream that does not come true frequently. Christine was one of those. I thought that she had it all. In her own way, which often seemed a bit distant, all she did when I asked her to do something was only doing it with such authority that I asked her several times if she wasn't tricking me... you know, like a prank. Come on, you're a model! But she was for real. She was natural, she was confident. Like someone very comfortable in her own skin. 

The shoot took place at the Zilker State Park in Austin, Tx.

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