Sarah & Jacob Engagement session in Houston, Tx

I do not think that I had the chance to say to Sarah and Jacob how happy I am for being the photographer chosen to register one of the best days of their lives.  I know I did, but maybe not enough. Especially after meeting Jacob, and after a brief chat in the beginning of our session, I could tell how down to earth he is. Not to mention how much he seemed to have in common with my husband. I hope that after reading this post, they might realize a little bit how much I enjoyed meeting them and photographing them.

I also got to see an image of Sarah's dress and I can already picture how beautiful she will look in it! She is so slender and feminine, something that is slowly going unnoticed in our days. There is something about her, about her personality and how that reflects in the way she carries herself that is very pleasing to see. Perhaps she reminds me of, and I might put my poor knowledge of art to the test now, the beloved lady seen in Waterhouse paintings. To be more specific, it is like seeing "Narcissus", a favorite of mine.

These are the stuff photographers see that I thought of sharing! 

And I also think that Jacob is not only lucky, but also something in him makes me almost sure that they complement each other in so many more ways than I was ever able to capture. And this is when any media will ever tell the big history of a person but only in tiny fragments. The rest is up to us to make.

Congratulations on your engagement and I will see you guys again on your wedding day!

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