DeVoe Family - Daria Ratliff Photography

Hello, beautiful family!

Thank you for choosing ME to photograph your family! It's always an honor to serve and to cherish family's treasure moments!

These images are all in high resolution and they're ready to be downloaded to your computer at anytime. This gallery will expire in 6 months but if in the future you may need to download your again (computers crash!) let me know and I'd be happy to make the gallery available for your!

To download them all at once, please click on the arrow pointing down at the top right corner of your page. Enter your e-mail address and in about 30 minutes you may find in your junk folder an e-mail coming from Smugmug. When you click that link, smugmug will promptly download the folder into your download's folder in your computer.

To download a single image, click on the image you wish to download and look for the same arrow. This time it will download straight to your computer, into your download's folder as well.

Please print your images! There is nothing more rewarding in the world than holding a photograph! Look for good labs online and avoid at all costs to print at places such as Walgreens or Walmart. They print images in bulk and all of the time I spent perfecting your images will be lost. 

Sharing them on social media is fun and I love when I get credits for the images!  I just ask for not altering the images with filters. They will also override all the time I spent editing your images and it will look something completely different in the end.

Oh, I also threw some other images that I thought you really need to keep! Which ones? Mama & daughter each. Mothers always think family first... In the future, your daughters want to see YOU! And two detail shots of your daughter's hair - something that we parents simply melt all over again when we see them!

But for now, enough talking. Enjoy your images and come back! I love seeing kids growing!



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