Stephanie Ortega - Daria Ratliff Photography

Hi, Stephanie!

To download your images is easy!  Click on the image you would like to download and you'll see a little arrow on the lower right corner of each image. Once you click on that arrow, that image will be immediately downloaded to your device :-) 

To download ALL images of this galley onto your computer, it's also easy. On the very top image there is an arrow. If you click on that arrow you enter your e-mail address. My website will put together a file with all the images together and send you a link for download. Look on your Spam folder for any e-mail containing the words "smugmug". 

Just so you know, I do have my favorite image from our session and I liked it so much that is being FEATURED on my portfolio, along with other beautiful girls I photograph! Go check it out  HERE. 

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