Vinni & April Headshot - Daria Ratliff Photography

Hi, beautiful people!

To download your images is easy!  On the top right of the gallery, find a pointing down arrow and click on it. Type your e-mail and click send. My website will put together all you images in a file and send you the link for download. Look for e-mails coming from Smugmug on your spam folder. If you wish to download one single image, click on the desired image and look for the the same arrow and click on it. It should download straight onto your computer. 

Remember that these images are in high resolution, meaning that they can be printed at any size you wish. I also made some headshots in black and white just in case you guys might need it but if is there any other image you want in b&w, let me know. 

Oh, the last images of the gallery are Vinni's "chorinho", or should I say, Vinnie chorão?? Aha!

I loved working with you guys! Anything else needed, let me know!

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