White Family - Daria Ratliff Photography

Merry Christmas, beautiful family!

Photographing your family truly gave me a lot of joy! Thank you for allowing me to register your precious moments together! 

Your high resolution files altogether are very large in size (1.9GB) and my best advice is to keep them in a separate USB device. Once in possession of your files make sure to make several copies of it just in case. If you keep them in your device and if you don't have enough memory space it may eventually slow down your computer. Nobody wants that :-) So if you're downloading them all to your computer (instructions coming bellow) just keep that in mind.

TO DOWNLOAD A SINGLE IMAGE: Click on the desired image and look for an arrow pointing down at the lower right corner of the image. When you click on this arrow the image will "magically" download straight to your computer. It will probably be in your download's folder. 

TO DOWLOAD ALL THE IMAGES: On the top right corner of your actual gallery, you'll find the same arrow. Click on it and enter your e-mail. My website will prepare the files in a separate folder and send you a link for download. Look in your spam folder an e-mail coming from Smugmug. The e-mail will have a link and once you click on it the entire folder will be downloaded to your computer. 

Mr. White, you and Tina will have a USB device sent to your address with all the files.

Hope ya'll enjoy your images as much as I do and thank you one more time for letting me photograph your family!

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