OH, hello there. Daria here!

Well, we all need introductions, so here it is:  I am Daria Ratliff and I was born and raised in the northern coast of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, and I have lived and traveled to dozens of countries in the past 20 years. Texas has been the place that we decided to raise our twins and call home for now. After raising our sweet clumsy birds, we will make our next stop in Japan a little longer and explore their countryside looking for a new home. Actually, my husband does not know about this secret of mine and I still doubt that he will ever agree with my endeavors, but one can dream, right? 

Apart from dreams (which can be quite boring reading nonsenses) I am a self-taught photographer with a degree in Fashion Design and an unfinished degree in Portuguese Language and Arts and Brazilian Literature. I have attempted to finish it twice, but twice we had to move overseas due to my husband's job. But since life always has a strong pull in one's plans, here we are in Texas. Actually, as Lewis Carrol said in Alice in Wonderland “Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”, so I guess it's fair to say that life follows its course and I'm glad to have made wonderful friends along the way. 

On the personal level, I am happily married to a guy whose somewhere between John Wayne and Dom Casmurro, living in the countryside of Katy, TX, with our twins along with a cat named Noodles, a "quarantine" dog named Menino, and our crazy mutt Lola. A complete different set up from beach, Japan, Alice, and things of the sort. Other than a wishful life and a camera, you can pretty much find me at home reading, working, cooking, cleaning, reading a little more, cleaning a little more, and cultivating  more grey hair as the State of Texas granted my kids their drivers license :-)

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Daria's Bio Photo by Fabricio Galbatto

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