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Katy, 03/13/2020

Looking for places to photograph in Katy, TX? Ever wondered where these places might be? Well, photographers can have the hardest time when it comes to finding a place for your next photo session, but I tell you what… I've found some and I want to share them with you!

I had posted a similar article about the same subject back in 2016. Oh but things have changed. Like, dramatically. Katy is becoming unrecognizable by the hour and I am not exaggerating. Just ask everyone around and they will say the same thing.

I have lived in the Old Part of Katy since 2008, and all the peaceful, quiet open fields are almost all gone. You can still see may pastures and wild flower fields, however they're hard to get in. Access is difficult, especially when it comes to parking, as you want to be as safe as possible.

So here are my suggestions and I apologize if some of these places might not be available when you read this post. If not, let me know and I will update as we go.

1- Mary Jo Packham Park

Hey, people in Old Katy knows about this park but not all Katy people know about it. The park can be crowded during the weekends so my suggestion is to schedule your session early in the morning. Visit the Visit Houston website for more info.

2- Katy Heritage Park and Museum District

This area is very popular and it has a few different sites that I absolutely love! Photographers flock to this area on the weekends. My only advice is to be very mindful of the flower beds and of the buildings, as the City of Katy is very protective of that sight. I would also advice to go early mornings as late afternoons might get crowded. The address is 5990 George Bush Drive Katy, TX 77493. Check their website for more info here.

3- Veterans of Foreign Affairs or VFW Park

This park is just at the end of the road when you drive in on 5990 George Bush Drive, also in Old Katy. It is only a 3 acre park and it also has a playground. I would not go during the months of May in the mornings as lots of the school in Old Katy will hold their fields days at this park. Just park your car by the end of the Heritage Park and whit a short walk, you will be right in there. Find more info Here.

4- Old Katy Town

Old Katy is that place that when you drive by, feels like time has no business in there. The old homes will have manicured flower beds, clean roads, and it even offers an antique shop area that too. It is a must stop for visitors! Just drive by starting from the train tracks all the way to 11th St and you will find quiet places to photograph. My advice is not go into people's property without ringing their bells and asking. People are friendly but hey, we're in Tejas :-)

5- Corner of Pits and Clay Road

This area is still intact (believe it or not) and they will have hay all over the lawn right after fall. This is the only "open field" that I can go to with ease. It is great for parking and traffic is little. Just make sure that when you go in that the lawn is cut or at least short. Right after spring starts you may have an unpleasant encounter with a snake or two, but no big deal. Snakes don't like people HAHAHA

6- Silos and the No Label Brewery

This site is almost impossible to miss. Really. It is that area that you will see from far when you come into Old Katy on US 90. If you're coming from South Katy, get on Katy mills Boulevard and that road will turn into US 90. Or Pin Oak Road will do the same. It is by the train tracks. The site is photographer friendly and the lighting is always awesome there too! Saturdays are great because you can now get into the building as they turned one area into a whisky refinery. Yah, cocktails anyone? If you want to find out more about No Label Brewery, visit their website here

7- Katy Railroad Museum and Train Station

This site is also an easy one to find  since it's right by the Silos, and right along  the train track. It is the old train station of Katy and it has an incredible history behind it. If you happen to visit it, there is an adorable lady who's been working there for a while and her name is Danielle. She will tell you histories about the city, in particular about the train station. She knows so much and always happy to chat about curiosities of Old Katy history! Photography session is not allowed inside the museum but the outside certainly is a great area for pictures! For more information, please visit their website here

That's about it. Katy is a simple town with friendly folks. Make sure that you respect your neighbor's property and do not litter nor drive on people's lawn.  We all love Katy and we want to keep Katy beautiful! Questions? Feel free to reach out to me if you need to know about any area around Old Katy. Hope that this article helps you find a great area for your next shooting adventure, be it professionally or just as an enthusiastic photographer. Thanks for stopping by!  :-)


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