Wedding Day | What to bring to photograph

From stationary all the way to your amazing shoes, all the details of your wedding will be captured with care. One very common question I get from my brides is what to bring on the wedding day for photos. Although this can be a very simple question to answer, It’s actually not only simple but more of a matter to what you want your photographer to capture. Think this way: from all the things that are part of your wedding, what are the elements that you want to be a part of your wedding photos beside people?

1- Stationary Invitations, save the date cards, menu, guest list…

The list can be as large or as little as just your invitation.

2- Jewelry Rings, earrings, bracelet, pendants, rosary, and any other important jewelry.

I have brides that will bring things that they want photographed that they will not necessarily wear. Sometimes a keepsake or two from their grandparents, like a special ring. These items are not only welcome very much cherished by your photographer.

3- Dress and undergarment 

Here we’re talking about your dress, garter, lingerie (you can also wear them for an intimate shot), veil, gloves, robe. If you will be changing outfits for the reception, make sure you bring them as well.

4- Shoes

No need for introductions, but shoes are one of my favorites to photograph. Make sure that you bring the reception shoes as well, if you will be changing them thereafter. 

5- Gifts and letter

If exchanging letters or gifts with your fiancee or with your parents/godparents, make sure that you communicate that yo your photographer and also have that underlined in your timeline as well.

6- Toast

There is nothing more fun and exciting than having a toast moment with you bridesmaids and family before getting into your dress! Let’s get these shots and you’ll love them!

7- Your pet ;-)

Yes! I love pets and I’d be thrilled to meet your four legged friend!

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