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The best way to display our work as wedding photographers in Katy and Houston areas is by showing the highlights of our favorite weddings. Daria books limited number of weddings per year to ensure quality and maximum artistry. To verify if your date is available, please call 713-819-7127 or by using our contact form.

Daria Ratliff is a award winning fine art photographer based in Katy, Tx and serving the greater Houston area.

With a journalist eye for weddings, Daria Ratliff and her team focus on documenting weddings as it unfolds, delivering each couple images that will represent the moments as they happened, as if you were reliving those moments all over again.

Just as it happened. 

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- Weddings by Daria -

When it comes to weddings, Daria Ratliff entered the industry in 2016, after working professionally with portrait photography since 2011. It all started when more inquires started coming in asking if Daria would photograph weddings and bring her portrait photography style and vision into wedding photography.

The answer, in the beginning, was a bit difficult since weddings seemed like a bit of a frightening thing to do. She thought like she didn't have the nerves, if you will, to handle the stress and responsibilities of a wedding. Not to mention the huge experience that the market requires given that weddings, per se are a big thing.

Initially, while the idea was still gaining some shape, she had to look for help and find someone as a mentor. And that's when she found Gustavo. From that moment on, she knew that she had found not only a partner, but someone who had absolutely blown away her views of the wedding industry. He had given Daria the confidence and the peace of mind that she was looking for.

Their only hiccup is this: Daria is a Canon shooter while Gustavo is a lifelong, loyal Nikon lover. But what difference does it make when the couples receive their final images ? In reality, none. But they think it does and they are always picking on each other about what paraphernalia does better than the other... The answer is something that they will always argue over. But who cares? They're absolutely sold on their equipment and looks like no one is looking to give up on their views anytime soon :-)

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- Meet Gustavo, my partner in crime -

As everyone has a partner in crime, meet mine: Gustavo Galbatto. Together we do all weddings that you will see throughout the website. When I mention that Daria Ratliff Weddings has the best photographers in Houston, what I actually mean is that working with Gustavo has made that not only possible, but in reality amazingly possible.

Gustavo  started his photography endeavor with weddings at age of 12 by simply  helping his dad, whose also a wedding photographer, back when they lived in Brazil. His dad had a wedding studio that photographed hundreds of weddings per year, and also being a full wedding boutique with pristine costumer service. From albums to clicks, as a little boy Gustavo learned from his dad how to use a film camera, which was a big thing for a second shooter at a wedding, especially at his age. If you're a photographer and if you are reading this, you know how nerve wrecking that is. 

Even though Gustavo had a great master, I quite often hear from his dad that photography was  actually something natural for him. From everything camera related to composition, he mastered his skills rapidly, and in no time become a wedding photographer going solo as young as 15. He is now only 26 and already brings in almost 14 years of experience photographing weddings to Daria Ratliff Photography. Every single day I learn something from him and I am almost, I said almost, double his age :-) When not behind a camera you will  find him sky diving, eating burgers, going on bike rides, or most likely chatting with the youngest or with the oldest person in town.  And oh... Ladies he is also still single, just saying...

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